Orion BTE and RIC $1299.00

For clear connections.

Today, there are many innovations that can help you hear better, so you can focus on the things that matter. Siemens Orion™ hearing aids come in a range of BTE models for almost any level of hearing loss.

Available in four models, ensuring you can find the perfect hearing aid to fit your needs.

  • Orion S for mild hearing loss
  • Orion M for mild to moderate loss
  • Orion P for severe hearing loss
  • Orion RIC that can support mild to severe hearing loss

Siemens Orion  hearing aid combines smart technology with durability to provide a reliable listening experience. With essential features like a built-in telecoil, you can connect with telephones and listen in looped environments like places of worship, classrooms, and other public places. Orion’s nanocoated housing and IP67* certification combine with improved speech intelligibility and wireless connectivity to make Orion a trustworthy partner—no matter what life has in store for you.

Orion BTEs—great comfort and superior connectivity.

  • Rugged design ensures reliable performance over a long service life
  • Microphones focus on sound from in front while reducing noise from other directions, helping you to concentrate on conversations
  • e2e wireless connectivity:
    • Use remote control accessories for simple and discreet manual adjustments
    • Improves spatial hearing by helping left and right hearing aids work together
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Convenient easy-to-use controls
  • Exchangeable housing to match your color preference
  • Nanocoated membranes for the microphones, a closed frame and a rubber gasket prevent moisture, sweat, dust and dirt from entering the hearing aid
  • Tinnitus therapy feature relieves tinnitus symptoms and improves your hearing at the same time
  • Telecoil (RIC, M and P models)

Achieved IP67 rating per IEC 60529 standard. Water-resistant device can be completely submerged in water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes and dust will not interfere with the satisfactory operation of the device.